The Venetian castle of Parga

The castle of Parga is located above the city. From here you have a magnificent view of the island of Panagia, the town, the harbor, Valtos beach and Paxos and Antipaxos.

Anthousa Castle or Ali Pasha Castle

In the village Trikorfo, between the villages of Anthousa and Agia, is located, on a magnificent hill with a magnificent view, the castle of Anthousa.

Boat trip to Paxos

A wonderful excursion that starts in the morning and lasts until the afternoon. You will make a tour around the islands by boat and will have the opportunity to swim in the blue waters of the small beaches. You will have the chance to explore the island and if you are lucky you will see dolphins in their natural surroundings.

Other attractions and sights in Parga and around Parga

  • The ecclesiastical museum, in the city center
  • The cave of Aphrodite at Lichnos beach
  • The olive oil museum, Paragea, a traditional olive press factory that turned into a museum in the city center
  • Hiking throug the old olive groves, to the watermills and waterfalls from Valtos beach to Anthousa village.
  • Hiking trhoug the old olive groves from Lichnos to Parga by visiting the small chapel of Agia Eleni where you have a wonderful view over Parga.
  • The ancient city of Nikopolis in Preveza.
  • Zalongo
  • The Necromantio in the village of Mesopotamos
  • The spring and the mouth of the river Acheron
  • The ancient theater of Dodoni
  • The capital of Epirus, Ioannina
  • Excursion to Zagorochoria
  • Excursion to Metsovo
  • The city of Arta with the bridge
  • Valtos Beach
  • Sarakiniko Beach
  • Karavostasi Beach
  • Amoudia Beach
  • Kryoneri and Piso Kryoneri Beach
  • Loutsa Beach
  • Ai Giannakis Beach


Water Sports. You have the opportunity to do water sports on the beach of Lichno and Valtos. Windsurfing, water skiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, kayaking, SUP (stand up paddling) and Parasailing.

Possibilities that you have at the Acheron river: hors riding, rafting, hiking, kayaking and more.

In Parga you can play tennis or visit a diving school. You can also play mini golf in Parga. Hiking and cycling are also popular activities in Parga.

There are also many sports events organized in Parga:

Τhe Mediterranean Surf Contest is a surf contest is taking place in Greece, under the castle of Parga between late February and early March.

Aggelos Fetsis - trail running races and offshore bathing (Aquathlon) in September.

SUP Event / contest - “All Saints” Parga SUP Race.

Other events taking place in Parga and the surrounding area.

Theater performances in the castle of Parga.

Event for the August 15th. Already a few days earlier there is a program with music and dances. The whole event will end on August 15th. with a large fireworks.

The JAZZ Festival in Preveza in July.

Sardine Festival at the port of Preveza in August.

Carnival events in February in Parga and in Agia village

The Symposium of Parga - a one-day gastronomic festival

Various Festivals in August in the nearby villages

The fire of Ai Gianniou June 23 at the port of Parga

Easter in Parga